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Anasayfa Fenomenoloji Bibliyografyası Alfred Schutz Bibliography and Archive

Alfred Schutz Bibliography and Archive

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"The Alfred Schutz Archive Established in the Memory of Alfred and Ilse Schutz" is founded at Department of Sociology, Waseda University in 1997, with the complete approval of Schutz's daughter, Evelyn S. Lang, and with the great support of Prof. George Psathas (Boston University), Prof. Lester Embree (Florida Atlantic University), Prof. Ilja Srubar (Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg), and Prof. Martin Endress (Universität Tübingen).

Our archive holds:

1. Microfilms of Alfred Schutz's manuscripts

2. Some other manuscripts by Alfred Schutz

3. Alfred Schutz's correspondences

4. Alfred Schutz's library

5. Bibliography of secondary sources on Alfred Schutz (searchable database)

6. Bibliography of secondary sources on Alfred Schutz (html database)

7. Microfilm of annotated books owned by Schutz

8. H. Wagner's library

9. Typescripts for the enlarged and revised version of Alfred Schutz: An Intellectual Biography, prepared by H. Wagner

Director: NASU, Hisashi

Manager: KIMURA, Masato

Please send us bibliographical information to: Schutz[a]